About WiFi on the Go

Thank you for your interest in the WiFi on the Go Program.  Wifi on the Go is a digital resource initiative geared to enhance academic achievement by increasing access to affordable, reliable internet.  The Program provides subscribers with portable HotSpot device and unlimited nationwide wireless internet serviced by T-Mobile's 4G LTE Network.  The HotSpot is battery powered, completely portable, and capable of supporting multiple users (and devices) at one time.  Use your HotSpot to surf, study or stream at home or ‘on the go’.

How It Works

Program participation is generally limited to student families and employees of LeanStream partner schools and school systems.  as a student-family or employee of a Shelby County school system, you are eligble to enroll using  your employee / student ID or your Enrollment Code (if one has been provided).  If you are an eligble student-family or employee and do not have an Enrollment Code, we may be able to help. Email us at info@leanstreamrp.com.

To subscribe to the ‘Wifi on the Go’ Program, simply complete the enrollment form on the righthand side of this page and submit your initial subscription payment of $50.00.      

As soon as your subscription is processed, your HotSpot device will be shipped direct to your doorstep - activated and ready for use. Devices are shipped via USPS and typically arrive within 2-4 business days. 

Once you have established your subscription, your payments will continue monthly until you discontinue the subscription.  There is no need to login each month to submit a payment … simply ‘set it and forget it’.  Your internet service will remain active until such time as you cancel (or suspend) your subscription, and you are free to cancel any time.  There are no hidden charges or fees and no long-term contracts.  Please note, Program feasibility is based, in part, on presumption of a minimum 6-month enrollment period for each subscriber.  If your subscription is cancelled within 6 months of enrollment, we ask that you simply return your HotSpot to the following address: 4950 Corporate Drive NW, Suite 115 Huntsville, Alabama 35805.

Account, Coverage & Availability

Enrollment in the 'Wifi on the Go' Program requires recurring subscription payments.  To complete your enrollment, you will need to male your electrnic payment with a credit or debit card.  Your Wifi on the Go internet service will remain active until such time as you cancel (or suspend) your subscription, and you are free to cancel any time.  There are no hidden charges or fees and no long-term contracts.  To update your payment method, cancel or suspend service, you can login to your Stripe account though the Billing Portal button on the LeanStream site or feel free to contact us.

The internet service provided thorough the Wifi on the Go Program is sourced by T-Mobile’s nationwide cellular network.  If the T-Mobile network does not offer adequate cellular coverage at your intended location of use, performance of your HotSpot may be limited.  Before enrolling in the Program, we encourage you to confirm T-Mobile’s coverage in your area. (Confirm T-Mobile coverage Here).  Wifi on the Go Program data use is subject to T-Mobile's Open Internet policies which are available for review at the following link: https://www.t-mobile.com/responsibility/consumer-info/policies/internet-service

The Program is subscription-based and does not provide partial or prorated refunds or other reimbursements for mid-cycle cancellations or suspensions, ordinary and customary shipping periods, or failure to follow re-enrollment and/or cancellation procedures on the part of the subscriber.

Questions & Support

The Wifi on the Go Program is administered by LeanStream Resource Partners, LLC in collaboration with T-Mobile for Education.  For questions regarding the Program, please contact our support team at: info@leanstreamrp.com or (833) 943-4463.

WiFi on the Go

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